Listen Up!

Up until this moment in my life I tried to follow the “rules” when it came to my kids. I’ve tried to feed them right, dress them right, teach sportsmanship, team building, hard work and dedication, all the things that would make a great quote. We have followed doctors advice, teachers suggestions, and coaches request. I’ve read hundreds of books, searched Google high and low, took advice from old, young and crazy people and I have arrived at the conclusion that people don’t know s**t about my kids!

I mean seriously I’ve been through tons of medical appointments, countless new age approaches, and God only knows the number of crazy games, tricks, etc that I have done and/or participated in. I’ve been told, I’m too hard on them, too relaxed with them and (my personal favorite) I don’t spend enough time with them.  Well, I have finally had it! I mean what the hell are you people even talking about?   Have you even met my kids? When they are in your office, in your class, in your school, on your team, in your face did you even take a moment to meet them? Well, I have and let me tell you this, you Sir/Ma’am don’t know sh**t!

I am completely done with certified professionals with answers to everything but the problem you are having, schools that only cater to the 3.5  and higher GPA’s and those educational programs that are so busy teaching the test that they forgot to teach the student. I am especially sick of  schools that can call you when your kid is a trouble maker or when they need something  (fundraisers, volunteers, etc) but don’t call when you kid is failing EVERY course.  I can no longer tolerate coaches that want you to bring snacks but only want to play their friends kids…even if they suck and we lose every game.  To all of you I say f**k off! You suck at your jobs and you should hold your head down in shame!

You have failed my children one to many times. Now it is time for me to completely take over. I guess it is true; if you want something done right….call your mother.  This village we live in is being ran by idiots and its time for a new Chief…….a job I will gladly accept! So listen up Doc, Coach, Teach…… this mom is no longer accepting your excuses and your vague answers. Either get in line or get the f**k out of my way!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, nobody!


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